Cathode Ray Tubes

One believes that cathode ray tubes are obsolete in this modern era of glass cockpit technologies replacing cathode ray tubes. But one forgets that cathode ray tubes are time tested and highly reliable in aviation industry and instead of forgetting cathode ray tubes and replacing cathode ray tubes with LED or other methods will increase you cost of operations. we at assist aviation ensure to provide you cathode ray tubes as old as the technology is, solutions to replace, repair or refurbish these Cathode Ray Tubes. Mostly aircraft’s , airplanes,radars, vehicles military aircraft , helicopters using cathode ray tubes in HUD head up display are facing problems. we repair these HUD CRT of aircraft or provide replacement. although CRT repair,refurbishment  is a difficult task but we do manage it as our goal is NOTHING IS OBSOLETE IN AVIATION INDUSTRY. Every component and pat can be rebuild if you have OEMs drawing and technical data